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Fascinatingly presented in a glass fronted, framed casing suitable for display on a bookshelf or to hang on the wall - perfectly scaled classic and vintage models of famous marque's in a three-dimensional workshop milieu. Ideal as a special individual gift.The framed glass front panel lifts up for viewing details.

Size: 31 x 74.5 x 13.5 cm

Perfect for company presentations - can supply own company branding on models. May also be customised to suit specific product promotions with posters & models selected to represent the specific client.

Miniature Classic Car Workshops

JAGUAR E TYPE (Box size: 75 x 31 x 14 centimetres/30 x 12.4 x 5.6 inches)



CLASSIC CAR miniatures fascinatingly presented in a framed casing suitable for displaying in a bookshelf or to hang on the wall - perfectly scaled (1:18) vintage and modern car classics in a three dimensional workshop milieu. The framed front panel lifts up for viewing details and to enable one to personalise the scene with one's own additional memorabilia. The perfect gift for a special occasion whether it be a Corporate Presentation or a Special Individual! The workshops shown are examples of what we can create. Your order will be customised according to your choice of CLASSIC CAR!

The prices specified include 1:18 scale models as commercially available in the price range up to 5% of the prices quoted. The models shown above are some samples of what we can create.

More rare or limited edition models will be sourced where possible. However, should these exceed 5% of the workshop value a small extra charge will be advised.

545 Euro

On enquiry

PRICES QUOTED include delivery to your door by courier service (DHL) but exclude any local duty and taxes if applicable.
Delivery is approximately six to eight weeks from order and receipt of payment but special dates may be requested and will be met wherever possible.
The BTN is 8306.29 which means duty-free into the UK, EU and USA. Please check with your local customs office for other areas.

1. This product falls under the Brussels Tariff number BTN 8306.29.90 (duty free into the EU, UK and USA). Local taxes and/or duties, if applicable, are for the clients account.

2. Specific colours may be requested, but are not guaranteed to be supplied if unavailable at time of manufacture.

3. A first and second choice car model must be indicated - we will correspond with the person ordering if their first choice is not available.

4. Workshops are also available fully presented, but with a "space" for one's own model car to be placed on arrival at destination (in the event that a requested model is no longer in production, but part of the clients own collection).

5. Please note that these workshops are entirely handmade and therefore have a distinctly individual character with no two ever alike.

6. This is an irrevocable order and no cancellations will be accepted. E&OE.

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Library display of selected 1:18 scale classic car workshops

Large Collector's edition Mercedes 1950's Racing Pit-Stop featuring the legendary 300SL's
- Stirling Moss and his 722, the SLR of Fangio Mille Miglia
Depth: 25 cm

FERRARI F50 soft (left) and hard top (right) - This 'special size' workshop of the F50 Ferrari models is a limited edition collector's item.
Height: 30 cm
Length: 80 cm
Depth: 25 cm