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Colonial Figures

This charming range of Colonial Figures is available as Butlers and Chefs in colourful or formal uniforms.
Standing lifesize at 1.70m, with a smile - arms outstretched holding a tray, they hospitably offer a glass of champagne, delicious snacks or fresh fruit, ably assist with Sunday Lunch or help in the entrance hall with keys and mail and telephone.
Weatherproofed, they can stand on a covered verandah or patio - or wait beside a favourite chair with your cigars and TV remotes.

Their use is limited only by your imagination!

Tray size approx 35 x 55cm and 27 x 27cm on the low arm version.
Height 170cm, and including arms 60 x 60cm width and breadth.

All handmade in South Africa.


From Italy - fashioned from European hardwoods and decorated to enhance the most well fitted library/study/executive office, a range of globes and standing globe bar - fill with crystal glasses and the best port and cognac ... then sit back and contemplate the good life!

Bar 50 R cm 66b x 97h

Bar 50 R cm 66b x 97h
Bar 50 R cm 66b x 97h
32/1 A cm 41b x 57h
20/4 cm 32b x 35h cart. 38 x 41 x 66
20/1 cm 20b x 36h cart. 12pz - cm 44 x 66 x 82
Celestial globe
20/1 cm 20b x 36h cart. 12pz - cm 44 x 66 x 82
12 cm 31 x 12 x 16h cart. 12pz - cm 37 x 50 x 55
Close-up view of musician - no two musicians are the same
Ship Wheel
Ship knot board
Anchor knot board
Knot board (18 knots)
Knot board
Antique map knot board
Ship picture frame
Ship picture frame
Half hull picture frames
Global picture frame
Large keyholder
Small keyholder
Galileo glass thermometers
Two of the varieties of pot plants available to choose from
Miniature garages and global picture frame

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SAGID knocker
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